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Our dips

If you've got a party to throw, a movie to relax in front of, or an intense snack attack coming on, you need to stock up on BOLGARI dips!

Our team at BOLGARI has whipped up something new, a line of labneh dips ranging from sweet to savory and available in four unique flavors including:

Roasted Pepper, Walnuts & Chilli

Roasted Pepper, Olives & Garlic
Parmesan Artichoke

Figs, Walnuts & Honey.

Our labneh dips are made fresh using our original labneh which has a rich texture and a subtle tang similar to French crème fraîche.

Delicious flavors in every jar and ease of use are key elements in all of our products.
Our aim is simple: we want every one of your meals to be a special occasion.

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