BOLGARI - Farm Fresh Cheese, Rillettes, Yoghurt

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Our cheese

The three things you need to know to fully appreciate our cheeses:

1. It’s delicious. We’re talking “Yes, I am eating the whole jar in one sitting” delicious.
We combine foodie flavors in a fun way that lets each element shine. The funky cheese, combined with the different herbs and spices, hits you with a rich, unforgetable intensity.

2. It’s local. The Somerset West - based company is committed to using only locally sourced ingredients combined in fun flavors.

3. It’s handmade - the way that was prepared and stored in the farm!

Our funky cheese flavors like:
Moroccan spiced,
Mediterranean herbs,
Basil Pesto,
Roasted Almonds & Sesame seeds and
Poppy seeds & Chilli excite and delight the senses.

The great thing about BOLGARI Cheese is you must keep checking our range for more yummy season flavors. You never know what funky flavors we might come up with!

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